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Waiting Room Service - NabedMedia

NabedMedia is a specialized broadcast, displayed on waiting rooms TVs. This broadcast includes the latest general health news and ways to prevent or live with diseases. This service also presents healthy lifestyle advices and highlights the symptoms that need medical attention. In addition to topics related to every season such as proper diet, necessary vaccines, and seasonal allergy.

NabedMedia turns the waiting period into an opportunity to educate patients for better health.

Digital Tablet in the Waiting Room - Nabed InteractiveTablet

The digital tablet provides the ability to reach health information while the patient is in the waiting room. It offers information about several health conditions, treatment options and symptoms that patient must be aware of before meeting the doctor or the healthcare provider. This way patient is able to take responsibility of his own health.

Electronic Educational Prescription - NabedPrescribe

NabedPrescribe includes high quality health education videos, available in both languages Arabic and English. This service helps patients understand doctor’s information and provides additional ones that were not mentioned during the visit due to lack of time.
These videos cover psychological and chronic diseases management, in addition to pre and post surgical procedures in a simple manner. They provide patients with the best ways to improve their lifestyle habits and prevent diseases. These videos also play a supportive role for patients since they are based on real life scenarios.

NabedMobile Application

NabedMobile puts in user’s hands health information specialized based on his diagnosis and interests. This application offers a variety of articles, tips, and videos to meet every user’s needs. It’s like an ecosystem that provides health education anywhere and in every possible way.


Our mission is to improve health outcome for more than 300 million person in the Arab world

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