Waiting Room Can be a Way to Prevention

In-office awareness messaging is essential to prevent type 2 diabetes

Imagine being at risk of having a chronic disease like diabetes, and not knowing that. You just know that you have pre-diabetes, however, studies from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that pre-diabetic patients are 15-30% at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The good news is that prevention and regular screening can lower that risk, or can help detecting type 2 diabetes early to manage the condition.

Nowadays, most people don’t know how to prevent themselves from type 2 diabetes. They are unaware about the importance of undergoing regular exams to monitor blood sugar levels. This is why patients need to be made aware of all the information needed to keep normal blood sugar levels.

There is no better way for a patient who is more susceptible to type 2 diabetes to have this information inside healthcare facilities.

And this is exactly what Nabed ecosystem can provide! Through Nabed ecosystem, patient can get all essential information about healthy lifestyle on a TV screen while sitting in the waiting room. Patient can also interact with a tablet beside them, and watch educational videos related to his topics of interest. This will make patient more likely to consider performing the necessary diabetes medical tests and discuss them with his doctor.

Health educational videos help patients remember 50% of the information, comparing to only 20% if they are told by the doctor. Therefore, thanks to moment of care technology, we are now empowered to bring crucial disease awareness messages to the right patients at the right time. The result would definitely be driving the right preventative health measures, which can contribute to improved disease management, and a healthier population.

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