Important Messages for Every Patient

Nabed partnership with Milner Fenwick, provides a series of videos specialized in smoking cessation across all channels

Smoking is considered one of the most common problems in the Arab world. According to the world health organization (WHO), Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Tunisia were among the list of countries that struggle from the spreading of smoking phenomenon.

Additionally, studies show that the Arab world is lacking the needed awareness related to health complications caused by smoking such as heart diseases, respiratory problems, and cancer.

For this reason, Nabed collaborated with Milner Fenwick, in order to help encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Through this collaboration, patients are able to receive health information that will help them do positive changes in their lives. This information is delivered by Nabed’s digital tablet that offers a library of specialized videos, while sitting in the waiting room.

In addition, Nabed’s digital tablet will encourage patients to watch additional videos regarding other different health topics.
Thanks to this technology, Nabed can provide patients with the support needed to follow a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases and their complications.

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