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Awareness campaigns about the importance of getting flu vaccinations

Getting a flu shot every year is important, but some people don’t know that. The good news is that Nabed is available at point of care to remind patients about the importance of getting flu shots. These shots will help boost immunity, therefore reducing the likelihood of getting sick or minimizing the severity of symptoms in case of sickness.

However, vaccinations are not the only way to prevent flu! It’s also important to take many other precaution steps. Here comes Nabed’s role to remind health facilities visitors about the importance of following these precautions through its special video library. These videos include tips about how to avoid contact with sick people and how to avoid sharing personal items with others to prevent spreading the infection.

Nabed also highlights the essential preventive measures for every season. For example, the best ways to prevent sunlight damage in summer and allergy in spring. Nabed also provides practical tips concerning healthy eating habits at many different occasions, including the holy month of Ramadan.

After watching Nabed’s videos, which are regularly updated at every season, patients will be more aware about the importance of prevention in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

And since healthcare facilities are the best place to spread awareness and prevention, Nabed is here to provide patients in the waiting rooms a variety of videos about the best preventive measures to take in order to avoid diseases. Nabed videos will also help educate patients about alarming signs and symptoms that may require medical examination. This will encourage patients to take necessary precautions after experiencing these symptoms.

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