Nabed’s Health Video Series is Now in the Lebanese Market!

In order to spread awareness outside the routine medical visits, Nabed launched Nabed ConsumerPrograms in many libraries and pharmacies around Lebanon. Each program is considered first of its kind in the Arab world, and is specialized in improving health care through a library that includes more than 1000 videos.

With the lagging referenced patient education content in the Arab world, the need of Nabed ConsumerPrograms as a trusted health content reference has emerged. Videos inside each program are produced by Milner Fenwick and are referenced by international medical institutes such as American Diabetes Association (ADA) and American Heart Association (AHA).

To activate Nabed ConsumerPrograms, an activation code must be inserted to be able to watch educational health videos for one year.

These videos are specialized in showing how to cope with health problems by delivering health messages in an easy and practical way. In addition, these videos provide patients with important medical and psychological advices to manage their health problems and avoid related complications.

Additionally, Nabed ConsumerPrograms offers videos about surgical procedures including pre-surgery preparations, day of surgery, and recovery recommendations whether inside or outside the hospital.

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