Healthcare Digital Transformation at Al Khalidi Hospital

In order to improve healthcare in the Arab world, Nabed signed a partnership with Al Khalidi Hospital in Jordan which is one of the most renowned hospitals in the region.

According to this partnership, Nabed’s ecosystem is now available at Al Khalidi to play an active role in enhancing hospital’s visitors health and reaching better health outcomes.

Nabed’s ecosystem includes Nabed Media service which is a specialized television broadcast for waiting rooms that shows a variety of health topics. These topics include ways to follow a healthy lifestyle, in addition to details related to diseases and medical procedures such as breast cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, feet surgery, and coronary angioplasty. Thus, waiting period at the hospital is now a chance to educate the patient.

In addition to health education, another benefit of Nabed Media service is providing Al Khalidi visitors with necessary information about hospital’s services and all available medical technological tools, which help offer the best health care possible to patients.

And since advanced health care is not limited to inside the hospital, Nabed also provides Nabed Patient Education service for Al Khalidi patients to be used after leaving the hospital. This service contains the largest health educational video series with more than 1000 videos. Patients are able to watch these videos from their home, work or anywhere else. Nabed Patient Education service is characterized by having credible content referenced by top leading medical institutes such as American Diabetes Association (ADA) and American Heart Association (AHA).

More than 5000 patients can benefit from this service yearly, which allow them to watch videos related to their health conditions and interests.

This partnership between Nabed and Al Khalidi is a step forward toward spreading more awareness. With it, Al Khalidi patients can take the right decisions for better health outcomes.

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