Adnan Abu Sharar Speaks at the ESLM Conference

Digital transformation has shown a great impact on different businesses. And now it's time for the healthcare sector to be part of this fast-moving technological trend. This is what Mr. Adnan Abu Sharar, the founder and CEO of Nabed, pointed out during his speech at the 29th annual conference of the Egyptian Society of Laboratory Medicine in Cairo.

The theme of this conference was: Shaping the future of laboratory medicine. It emphasized the importance of applying technology for better diagnosis and management, while ensuring continuous medical education to keep up with this rapidly growing field.

As a result, specialists in the healthcare field are now aware that being patient-centric ensures better outcomes.

How can technology play a role in improving public health and spreading awareness? By employing technological patient engagement tools. This improves patients’ satisfaction and loyalty, and positions healthcare facilities as key actors in spreading awareness. According to Abu Sharar, technology facilitates communication with patients inside and outside the laboratory, offers innovative services, and allows patients to take an active role in disease prevention and management.

Now is the time to be part of this digital revolution! Technology is the ultimate tool to ensure better patient engagement and achieve the best possible outcomes for patients and healthcare facilities.

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