The Waiting Room: An Opportunity to Initiate Patient Engagement

A welcoming environment, a relaxing setting, and some soothing background music… Is this all what your patients would want in a waiting room? Of course not.

The waiting room, today!

An interesting study done by the nHealthWatch Community in England shows that 1 in 5 patients use their smartphones during waiting time to search for health information that would better prepare them to be proactive in their discussion with their physician. What are the other 4 patients doing? Probably flipping through magazines, chatting with other patients, playing games on their mobile phones, or checking their newsfeeds on social media pages. What if you make these waiting rooms good for more than just waiting? What if you transform the “wasted time” into an opportunity to initiate patient engagement?


The waiting room, as of today!

On average, patients spend around 22 minutes waiting to see their physicians according to the American Hospital Association. This time can be used as an opportunity to provide patients with video education on how to prevent disease, lead a healthier lifestyle and be aware of signs and symptoms that are worth mentioning to their physician.


This holds many benefits, according to The US National Library of Medicine:

It increases patient satisfaction.

It allows the patient to review basic health educational material before the consultation, leaving more time in the visit to discuss more specific questions and concerns.

It improves patient-physician communication and enhances shared decision making, which in turn improves compliance of patients.


With Nabed, waiting time becomes an opportunity to engage with patients!

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