Digital Health Offers Creative Solutions for Diabetes Management

Today, developing digital health programs is becoming a priority for healthcare companies. This focus on digital health comes as a result of realizing that technology provides endless opportunities to deliver solutions that improve patient satisfaction and bring patient-centered services.

Digital health offers the possibility to join between multiple stake holders that can take a role in meeting patient expectations in their medical journey. By combining the assets of healthcare companies, life science, and technology solution providers, new opportunities can be seized and new ground-breaking solutions can be created to take healthcare into a higher level.

Diabetes is perhaps the biggest potential field where Digital Health can improve outcomes, for three reasons: First, diabetes requires lifelong treatment and constant monitoring. Second, diabetes affects a large population worldwide. On a regional level, the countries of MENA region now have the highest rates of diabetes prevalence in the world. For instance, 39.9 million diabetes cases were recorded in the Middle East and North Africa in 2017, and the number is expected to rise to 85.9 million by 2045. And third, diabetes remains an ongoing challenge for which patients are still searching for more effective and practical solutions.

The good news is that Digital Health offers life sciences companies innovative solutions to make a difference in the diabetic community. But first they need to consider the basic stages of the diabetes patient journey that include: Awareness, like knowing warning signs; Diagnosis, where this stage typically involves multiple medical tests and patient education; Treatment and self- management:  involves lifestyle changes that demand a certain level of education that can be overwhelming for the patient.

Clearly, the patient journey is filled with both challenges and opportunities, and digital health can deliver those opportunities. For example, a product that offers easy solutions to engage patients with caregivers would fill an enormous unmet need, and it would be even better if the solutions could be customized for each type of diabetes.

Healthcare companies, life science, and technology solution providers together have a unique chance to create powerful impact in the lives of diabetic patients and to make their journey with the disease much easier!


Source: Forbes website

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