How Technology can be a great tool for Educating Patients

Patient education is often associated with pamphlets, brochures and magazines. However, today's patients expect more engaging methods of communication because they became quite familiar with the usage of interactive digital tools throughout their daily lives.

Digital Health Offers Creative Solutions for Diabetes Management

Today, developing digital health programs is becoming a priority for healthcare companies. This focus on digital health comes as a result of realizing that technology provides endless opportunities to deliver solutions that improve patient satisfaction and bring patient-centered services.

2018 Industry Trend: Personalizing the Patient Experience

In our highly digitized and data-driven world, today’s consumers have come to expect companies to know them, offer products based on previous purchases, anticipate needs based on interactions with the company and tailor messages specifically designed for them. Not surprisingly, patients (who are also consumers) have come to expect this same level of personalization from their healthcare providers.

The Evolution of Point-of-Care Marketing in Pharma

New research from ZS confirms that waiting rooms and exam rooms remain important places to engage patients with pharmaceutical messaging. After all, the Vitals 8th Annual Wait Times Report, released in March 2017, reported that average patient wait times are about 20 minutes.

85% of GCC patients say healthcare improvements needed

EY survey also shows that more than half of Gulf healthcare professionals agree that service quality is inconsistent
Eighty-five percent of GCC patients believe not enough is being done to improve patient experience, according to a new report by advisors EY.